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I just began a new account, how does the link building work?

Last Updated: Apr 04, 2014 09:57AM PDT

Blasts are scheduled once per day. Different services then execute the blasts at different times during the next calendar day (some do it immediately, some spread it out over the day, etc.). It takes us another day or so to gather the link reports (again some services post up for us immediately, others take time).


Here's a hypothetical timeline:


Signup and get your Campaigns enabled on Sunday. Your first blast gets scheduled on Monday, executes on Tuesday, and you get the URL report on Wednesday.


Your second blast (if your plan has enough credits for daily blasts) gets scheduled on Tuesday, executes on Wednesday, and you get the URL report on Thursday, etc. So there is a bit of a delay from when you first sign up to when you get your first blast's reporting. But once the process is in motion, it'll be continuous.


By the way, one of the big reasons we spread it out like this is to give us a chance to recover from any issues or problems affecting certain services. If, for example, one service were to go down, we can pull your orders before your account gets charged any blasts. We like having this buffer zone in there as it protects both us and you!