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How much control can I have if I'm not interested in putting my SEO fully on autopilot?

Last Updated: Apr 04, 2014 11:15AM PDT

You'll love the amount of control you have with Link Emperor. In fact, Link Emperor makes it easy to manage your campaigns individually or in mass, this allows you to scale at a level that suits your needs. From running individual campaigns or multiple campaigns to a scale you've never before thought possible, Link Emperor does it all!


Link Emperor has several settings that allow you to control almost every option available.


Link Emperor functions allow you to:

  • Easily set Link Emperor to value certain pages, keywords and campaigns the way you want. If you want to really take control of how many links are getting built to each keyword and lander, that's no problem at all.

  • Easily change the amount of link building done for each and every campaign, page, keyword, and even anchor texts.
  • Allocate different amounts of total link blasts to each campaign.
  • Manually purchase additional blasts of your desired link building type.

You also get more detailed reporting than you get with practically any other tool out there. You'll get reports that describe which links were built, when, and to where. This is great for the corporate client who needs to compute their own metrics or print their own reports. It's also fantastic for the client-serving SEO professional who needs hard evidence of where their client's money has been spent.


If you have any questions regarding how you can take more control over your link building with Link Emperor we're always here. Just send us a support ticket to